What to Look for in an Airfreight Pickup Provider


Few people would confidently enter a plane if the flight attendants greeted travelers with the frantic warning, “There’s turbulence ahead.” Yet, novice and experienced freight forwarders have heard similar messages constantly over the past two years of supply chain disruptions. The continued effects of COVID-19, an aging carrier workforce, increased fuel prices, and the Russia-Ukraine […]

Earth Day 2022: Port X & Carrier 911 Work Toward Sustainability, Fewer Emissions

Emissions reductions, sustainability, and eco-conscious goals are on the minds of everyone. For Earth Day 2022,  Port X Logistics and Carrier 911 are actively thinking about what’s next. Port X Logistics is already a SmartWay Certified Partner, participating in the program’s data sharing and benchmarking capabilities. SmartWay allows today’s businesses to benchmark their ongoing efforts […]

The Ultimate Guide to Air Cargo Trucking and Recovery

air cargo trucking

Want a copy of this guide in one document? Fill out the info below to get the PDF. A troubling new reality has settled into the world of freight management. Rates are rising. Consumer demand is increasing. Finding capacity is getting more challenging than ever. And those problems are not limited to a single mode. […]

Challenges and Solutions to Airfreight Pickup & Shipping


In the wake of global disruptions to the supply chain and ongoing recovery efforts at a national and international level, the need for reliable airfreight pickup and shipping services has never been greater. At the heart of this is understanding what airfreight is and the services involved with shipping and pickup logistics. As highlighted by […]

Why Freight Forwarders Need Visibility in Cargo Pickup


Freight visibility is a term that gets thrown around a lot regarding transportation and forwarding service. With all the disruption and upheaval that the market and industry as a whole have endured over the past few years, the demand for faster and more reliable shipping modes has only intensified. As a result, more freight forwarders […]

How a Freight Visibility Platform Augments Expedited Air Cargo Pickup

With continuing pressure on industry leaders to meet rising customer demands and adapt to shifting market outlooks, the need for reliable, expedited air cargo pickup is higher than ever. Airfreight delivery services are helping to fill a significant gap in the supply chain today as global recovery efforts are still underway. According to Transport Topics, […]

Expedited Trucking: How to Stay Strategic on Air Cargo Processing


Passengers may be complaining about checked bag limits on their next vacation flight to Florida, but that’s only a hint at the limited air cargo space in the freight industry. In January, Miami Today News shared that “Capacity is 2.6 million to 3 million tons a year, a report the mayor sent to commissioners this […]

Why Shippers Need Expedited Trucking Companies With an Eye on Resource Management


Today’s shippers have serious needs for high-quality capacity and affordable trucking rates. In 2022, global freight container rates for ocean transport have continued to break records, hitting $9,600+ according to the Freightos Baltic Index. Those rates may seem isolated, but they inevitably carry over into all forms of over-the-ground transportation, too, including expedited trucking companies, […]

What Is Air Freight: A Combined Trucking and Air Process


Shipping and transportation services are the backbones of the national and global supply chain market. With increasing levels of demand from customers and increasingly tight availability for containers and shippers, the need for a fast and reliable mode of transportation has never been more urgent. This increased volatility has made air freight and cargo a […]