Expedited Trucking Helps Mitigate The High Costs of AOG

January 10, 2024

Picture yourself as a top aerospace freight forwarder on a busy Friday afternoon, responsible for ensuring the timely departures of hundreds of flights. But then, out of nowhere, a critical aircraft part malfunctions, causing the plane to be grounded, resulting in escalating expenses. Every minute of delay translates into lost profits, disgruntled customers, and disrupted operations.

In critical Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations, you need a reliable solution to get that aircraft back in the air as quickly as possible. Hence, this is where expedited trucking providers like Carrier 911 come into the picture to minimize downtime and costs by quickly addressing the situation at hand. This article will detail how.

For Today’s Shippers, AOG Comes with a High Cost

AOG situations can cost airlines a staggering $150,000 per hour. With 14,000 Boeing aircraft operating, expedited trucking is essential to minimize costs in an industry where time is money by swiftly delivering replacement parts and providing time-sensitive transportation solutions. However, AOG crises often cost airlines way more than just a set dollar amount.

Decreased Customer Satisfaction

A grounded aircraft disrupts passengers’ travel plans and affects cargo shipments, including mail and vital products for businesses. Moreover, when the airline delays these deliveries, it harms customer satisfaction and could ruin its reputation and trustworthiness.

Lost Business Opportunities

Time-sensitive industries rely on prompt deliveries to keep their operations running smoothly. When AOG situations lead to delayed shipments, businesses may lose valuable opportunities or even face financial losses. Consequently, this puts immense pressure on airlines and their supply chain partners to quickly resolve AOG issues and minimize downtime.

Disrupted Schedules and Exponential Delays

With every minute an aircraft is grounded, the impact on schedules intensifies. As Justin Hale, Boeing’s 787 product marketing leader, explains, “Everything in aviation runs on a schedule.” In an industry where millions of parts need to arrive at the right time and place for seamless integration, an AOG crisis can cause exponential delays, creating a ripple effect on the entire supply chain.

Despite Best Attempts, Challenges Remain for Timely AOG Recovery

Despite diligent efforts, AOG recovery continues to face challenges. Freight forwarders must address hurdles like inadequate visibility, tech silos, and streamlining capacity management, impacting airlines and customers. Fortunately, innovative solutions combined with expedited trucking services can pave the way for smoother AOG resolutions and faster aircraft turnaround.

Poor Visibility Leads to Poor Performance

Real-time visibility has become a standard in most overland logistics operations. Nevertheless, without it, freight forwarders struggle to communicate exact locations and accurate ETAs to shippers. This lack of visibility can be particularly problematic in high-stakes AOG operations.

Tech-Silos Leave Shippers in the Dark

The lack of integrated systems and siloed information can make collaboration between freight forwarders and shippers difficult. In addition, tech silos can slow down the flow of information, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of AOG recovery efforts.

The Capacity Hunt Wastes Invaluable Time

Time is of the essence in AOG situations, which can happen anywhere and at any time. As freight forwarders race to deliver critical parts to grounded aircraft, they cannot afford to waste valuable time hunting for capacity. Expedited trucking services become essential in these situations. They can help overcome capacity constraints and ensure parts reach their destination quickly.

How Can Aerospace Freight Forwarders Improve AOG Performance?

Aerospace freight forwarders can enhance AOG performance by adopting innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology. Prioritizing integrated tracking, capacity on-demand, and tech investments allows forwarders to optimize their approach to AOG situations. When combined with these strategies, expedited trucking services effectively tackle AOG challenges, minimizing costs and enabling faster aircraft turnaround.

Integrated Tracking Ensures Maximum Performance

Aerospace freight forwarders can enhance performance and visibility by implementing 24/7 tracking systems. Integrated tracking offers real-time shipment updates, reducing uncertainty and enabling better decision-making in AOG scenarios.

Capacity On-Demand Ensures A Prompt Response

Prompt responses are vital in AOG situations. Forwarders should prioritize 1-hour pickup times and capacity on-demand, enabling efficient aircraft part delivery. By providing quick access to transportation resources, freight forwarders can minimize the impact of AOG situations and keep planes flying.

An Investment in Tech is an Investment in Collaboration

Forwarders should invest in advanced technology to streamline collaboration with shippers and other partners. For example, an integrated Transportation Management System (TMS) can facilitate better communication and data sharing, while sharable tracking links and Proof of Delivery (POD) upon delivery improve transparency.

Streamline AOG Recovery Through Carrier 911’s Expedited Trucking Solutions

AOG situations challenge the aviation industry, causing increased costs, reduced customer satisfaction, and reputational damage. With efficient delivery of aircraft parts paramount, Carrier 911’s expedited trucking services effectively minimize downtime, mitigating AOG-related costs and supporting business continuity.

By leveraging 24/7 visibility, state-of-the-art technology, and a team of experienced crisis management experts, Carrier 911 can help freight forwarders overcome the numerous obstacles AOG scenarios pose.  

Don’t let AOG situations hinder your operations. Contact Carrier 911 today to schedule a demo and learn how our comprehensive solutions can enhance your AOG performance.

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