The Impact of COVID-19 on Airfreight from China


The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic continues to present systemic challenges throughout global supply chains despite the efforts of government and healthcare guidelines. Each company operating within the logistics space has evolved its business to fit within the ever-changing global trade landscape during the pandemic. A prime example is the pandemic’s effects on companies moving airfreight from […]

The Effects of Chinese New Years on the Airfreight Market


Millions of people across the globe are preparing for Chinese New Year, the centuries-old celebration that marks the beginning of the lunar calendar in many Asian cultures. In 2023, the Chinese New Year falls on Jan. 22. This joyful festival involves organized parades, parties, fireworks, and other public activities. The holiday significantly impacts the shipping […]

Expedited, Time-Critical Airfreight Recovery: Why Your 3PL Should Take the Heat


You chose airfreight because you need the cargo fast. A customer order needs to be filled on time, or a production line is facing expensive downtime; either way, you need it now. An airfreight emergency is disruptive and can leave you wondering what to plan around.   Your 3PL is great at traditional freight moves […]

How Logistics Technology Collaboration Improves Air Freight Recovery


Have you heard about logistics collaboration? Years ago, McKinsey & Co. summarized the benefits of collaboration as reductions in cost, improvements in speed, and better service levels and customer satisfaction. With supply chains coming off of two years of chaos, collaboration is top of mind for logistics providers once again. But as the McKinsey report […]

Expedited Air Freight: What is it, When is it Needed, And Why Expertise Matters


If the past three years have taught us anything, it’s that a shipment’s status can change at a moment’s notice. Companies need to have a backup plan in place, especially if they’re moving time- or temperature-sensitive products.   When emergencies arise, it can help to work with an expedited air freight recovery provider. But what […]