Final Mile Logistics in the Age of Disruption and AOG: Leveraging Innovation

AOG final mile

When an AOG event grounds an aircraft, racking up thousands in costs each hour, it underscores an undeniable reality: every ticking second burns cash, affects operational efficiency, and puts reputations on the line. That’s why final mile logistics during such an event is do-or-die and has magnified importance. It’s not getting any easier, either, as […]

MRO in Logistics: Leveraging Real-Time Visibility to Optimize Maintenance, Repairs & Overhauls

MRO in logistics

Operating as the silent sentinel of the aerospace supply chain, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) ensures seamless equipment functionality. This unsung hero reaches across all facets, from inventory management to meticulous maintenance schedules, forming a sturdy pillar of safety and fostering enduring success. Data from Plant Engineering reveals the considerable stakes at play. In 2020, […]

The Importance of Timely Delivery in AOG/MRO Operations

aircraft on ground logistics

Imagine being onboard an airplane, set for departure, when suddenly, unforeseen technical glitches bring everything to a standstill. You’re experiencing an ‘Aircraft on Ground’ (AOG) event, a scenario that disrupts the seamless flow of air travel. While this may be frustrating, a crucial, albeit less conspicuous, procedure is set in motion to get your plane […]

Improving Supply Chain Visibility in the Aerospace Industry

aerospace supply chain management

Flying a jet is complicated enough. But navigating aerospace supply chain management may be just as tricky. Confronting multifaceted challenges, from handling vast supplier networks to battling market volatility and rigorous regulations, is not for the faint-hearted, and the numbers add context as to why.  Gartner reveals that 47% of aerospace and defense companies encounter […]