How a Collaborative Transportation Management System Eliminates Manual Check Calls for Forwarders


As shippers struggle to contend with the increased traffic around the Chinese New Year, many are looking to improve operational efficiency. Eliminating manual check calls through collaborative transportation management systems can help shippers improve efficiency during high-volume times by streamlining communication, providing real-time visibility, and optimizing capacity processes. This approach is especially critical when dealing […]

What Air Freight Forwarder Relationships Need From Expedited Trucking Companies


Air freight shipping has become an industry plagued by pressure and risk. With higher fuel costs, limited capacity, consistent delays, and recurrent pick-up issues, air freight forwarders have their work cut out for them. For example, when reporting on the 2021 peak season’s 168% rate increase compared to two years prior, Logistics Management added that […]

Earth Day 2022: Port X & Carrier 911 Work Toward Sustainability, Fewer Emissions

Emissions reductions, sustainability, and eco-conscious goals are on the minds of everyone. For Earth Day 2022,  Port X Logistics and Carrier 911 are actively thinking about what’s next. Port X Logistics is already a SmartWay Certified Partner, participating in the program’s data sharing and benchmarking capabilities. SmartWay allows today’s businesses to benchmark their ongoing efforts […]

Why Freight Forwarders Need Visibility in Cargo Pickup


Freight visibility is a term that gets thrown around a lot regarding transportation and forwarding service. With all the disruption and upheaval that the market and industry as a whole have endured over the past few years, the demand for faster and more reliable shipping modes has only intensified. As a result, more freight forwarders […]