Earth Day 2022: Port X & Carrier 911 Work Toward Sustainability, Fewer Emissions

Emissions reductions, sustainability, and eco-conscious goals are on the minds of everyone. For Earth Day 2022,  Port X Logistics and Carrier 911 are actively thinking about what’s next. Port X Logistics is already a SmartWay Certified Partner, participating in the program’s data sharing and benchmarking capabilities. SmartWay allows today’s businesses to benchmark their ongoing efforts […]

Why Freight Forwarders Need Visibility in Cargo Pickup


Freight visibility is a term that gets thrown around a lot regarding transportation and forwarding service. With all the disruption and upheaval that the market and industry as a whole have endured over the past few years, the demand for faster and more reliable shipping modes has only intensified. As a result, more freight forwarders […]