Understanding the Legal Requirements of Air Cargo Trucking and Recovery


At any given moment, the skies are full of planes carrying air cargo shipments worldwide. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in an average 24-hour span, 100,000 planes take off globally with air cargo shipments, carrying 20 million parcels valued at $18.6 billion. Those numbers account for over 35% of global trade by […]

How Airfreight Trucking for Forwarders Helps Improve Shipper’s and Customers’ Efficiency


Amidst an extended season of volatility, supply chain professionals have had to make crucial decisions at a moment’s notice. Port disruptions, market fluctuations, traffic delays, and unforeseen consumer demand shifts can drastically change a load’s direction and a person’s perspective on the day. While it can be very easy to react to sudden changes, airfreight […]

Expedited Trucking for Air Cargo: What You Need to Know


With interest in sustainability, lower fuel consumption, fewer emissions, and eco-friendly practices, Earth Day 2022 has set the tone for the future of the shipping and supply industry. Today’s shippers must re-evaluate their strategies and plan to ensure all freight arrives on time while embracing more sustainable methods and services.  Expedited services trucking is continuously […]

Earth Day 2022: Port X & Carrier 911 Work Toward Sustainability, Fewer Emissions

Emissions reductions, sustainability, and eco-conscious goals are on the minds of everyone. For Earth Day 2022,  Port X Logistics and Carrier 911 are actively thinking about what’s next. Port X Logistics is already a SmartWay Certified Partner, participating in the program’s data sharing and benchmarking capabilities. SmartWay allows today’s businesses to benchmark their ongoing efforts […]

Why Shippers Need Expedited Trucking Companies With an Eye on Resource Management


Today’s shippers have serious needs for high-quality capacity and affordable trucking rates. In 2022, global freight container rates for ocean transport have continued to break records, hitting $9,600+ according to the Freightos Baltic Index. Those rates may seem isolated, but they inevitably carry over into all forms of over-the-ground transportation, too, including expedited trucking companies, […]