Earth Day 2022: Port X & Carrier 911 Work Toward Sustainability, Fewer Emissions

April 22, 2022
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Emissions reductions, sustainability, and eco-conscious goals are on the minds of everyone. For Earth Day 2022,  Port X Logistics and Carrier 911 are actively thinking about what’s next. Port X Logistics is already a SmartWay Certified Partner, participating in the program’s data sharing and benchmarking capabilities. SmartWay allows today’s businesses to benchmark their ongoing efforts toward sustainability goals against their peers. 

That fact is an invaluable way to demonstrate eco-conscious goals of companies, which are also on the minds of today’s consumers. Emma Chervek of SDX Central quoted Gartner analyst Starah Watt, who said that supply chain “constraints are not short-term and the underlying trend is that demand for goods is rising while supply is increasingly scarce.” Chervek also pointed out that “chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) or executives managing the supply chain are also under pressure to increase transparency into sustainability-related supply chain metrics.” For that reason, today’s shippers need a leg up in managing freight while keeping an eye on their overarching sustainability goals. And with Earth Day 2022’s theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” it’s vital for shippers to recognize that investing in the right steps now, such as working with SmartWay-Certified Partners, will be essential.

How Does Investing in Our Planet and Supply Chain Work Together?

Investing in the planet and green initiatives are often seen as a cost center. However, investing in the future of sustainability has a unique way of generating ROI. Today’s customers care about the environment, and they will work with those that take proactive steps to maintain sustainability. Unfortunately, fast and free shipping is most definitely never impact-free on the environment. It incurs more emissions due to the urgency, usually by air. However,  excessive emissions may also occur when transporting expedited OTR cargo. 

Then again, this is where the sustainability conversation gets tricky. After all, how can a company be fast without adding to emissions as service levels change?

Why Expedited Freight Can Still Lead to Emissions Reductions Despite Urgency

Let’s level set. Any faster shipping option means putting the pedal to the metal and getting freight picked up and delivered faster. That inherently means there is a higher risk for deadheading somewhere, even if it’s only driving a sprinter van or truck to an airport for cargo recovery. However, the trick rests in reducing those emissions where possible including in airfreight trucking services.

In this fashion, it comes down to what the team making the calls, dispatching the trucks, and interacting with the network do. 

For example, a caller requests an expedited pickup at a port. Each moment on the phone and each wasted second that freight sits idle adds to the potential for more emissions. However, if the company responsible for finding a dray driver from an ocean port to another location can do it quickly and instantly, like Port X Logistics, then emissions deriving from the back-office functions decline. 

Meanwhile, if a load requires pickup even more urgently, a company like Carrier 911, an airfreight pickup and shipping carrier, cs, is perfectly suited for the job. Carrier 911 is a part of Port X and has the right tech to turn that usually eco-unfriendly process into a faster, back-office emissions reductions process.

Be Part of the Solution to Sustainability in 2022 in Beyond With Port X Logistics and Carrier 911!

Yes, it sounds complicated, and it is. However, that’s why Carrier 911 and Port X Logistics have been so successful despite the relentless push for more, faster pickups and getting freight to the destination on time, every time and without added cost to either the office or the planet. Connect with Port X Logistics for your slower-moving freight pickups to get started, and when things get “hot,” pardon the pun, choose Carrier 911 to handle the urgency without breaking the planet.

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