Driving Efficiency: The Game-Changing Role of Expedited Trucking in Final Mile Logistics

expedited trucking

The clock never stops ticking in the high-stakes world of final mile logistics. As goods transition from hubs to their endpoints, punctuality in this stage defines reputation. With a whopping 53% of shipping costs hinging on this last stretch, its significance is unparalleled. However, as this pivotal phase cements trust, nurtures loyalty, and showcases efficiency, […]

The Role of Real-Time Visibility in AOG Recovery

real-time visibility

No day is ever the same in the world of airfreight logistics. You could be in the middle of a routine day, enjoying your lunch and discussing last night’s game. Then, suddenly, the normalcy shatters. An urgent alert flashes across your screen, announcing a critical aircraft component failure – an Aircraft On Ground (AOG) event. […]

Expedited Trucking Helps Mitigate The High Costs of AOG

air cargo trucking

Picture yourself as a top aerospace freight forwarder on a busy Friday afternoon, responsible for ensuring the timely departures of hundreds of flights. But then, out of nowhere, a critical aircraft part malfunctions, causing the plane to be grounded, resulting in escalating expenses. Every minute of delay translates into lost profits, disgruntled customers, and disrupted […]

3 Ways Real-Time Data in Expedited Trucking Transforms Airfreight Recovery Operations

expedited trucking

Picture this: You’re a logistics manager at a bustling airport, responsible for promptly ensuring that time-sensitive shipments of lifesaving medical supplies reach their destinations. Yet, amidst the flurry of planes coming and going, each delay increases the risk of losing these valuable cargoes. In this high-pressure environment, expedited trucking emerges as a game changer for […]

Expedited Trucking for Air Cargo: What You Need to Know


With interest in sustainability, lower fuel consumption, fewer emissions, and eco-friendly practices, Earth Day 2022 has set the tone for the future of the shipping and supply industry. Today’s shippers must re-evaluate their strategies and plan to ensure all freight arrives on time while embracing more sustainable methods and services.  Expedited services trucking is continuously […]

Expedited Trucking: How to Stay Strategic on Air Cargo Processing


Passengers may be complaining about checked bag limits on their next vacation flight to Florida, but that’s only a hint at the limited air cargo space in the freight industry. In January, Miami Today News shared that “Capacity is 2.6 million to 3 million tons a year, a report the mayor sent to commissioners this […]