The Importance of Timely Delivery in AOG/MRO Operations

August 2, 2023
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Imagine being onboard an airplane, set for departure, when suddenly, unforeseen technical glitches bring everything to a standstill. You’re experiencing an ‘Aircraft on Ground’ (AOG) event, a scenario that disrupts the seamless flow of air travel. While this may be frustrating, a crucial, albeit less conspicuous, procedure is set in motion to get your plane back in the sky — “Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul” (MRO). From maintaining equipment to procuring spare parts and managing inventory, MRO tasks ensure the aircraft industry’s operations continue with minimal interruption.


However, while theory paints a smooth process, reality introduces the high costs and frustrations that each delayed minute brings to airlines and passengers. With AOG events potentially costing airlines up to $150,000 per hour, the repercussions extend beyond immediate financial losses. Think parts shortages, reputational damage, and more. 


Needless to say, timely deliveries play an invaluable role in managing AOG logistics, and we’ll explore why in this article.

Today’s Shippers Can’t Afford the High Cost of AOG

AOG events carry high stakes, with implications far beyond mere financial losses. Here’s a snapshot of the challenges shippers confront today:

High Cost of Downtime

AOG events can create an enormous financial drain for airlines. Remember, each idle hour can cost up to $150,000. With smaller airlines also facing daily losses exceeding $20,000, the economic consequences are severe. These costs encompass replacement parts, labor, spare part procurement, diverse airport fees, and unavoidable aircraft lease payments. Unyielding financial commitments don’t cease even when an aircraft is grounded, making timely resolution critical.

Supply Chain Disruptions

AOG events wreak havoc on supply chains, triggering costly cargo and passenger delays. Consequently, these disruptions translate into an astounding annual loss of around $6 billion. In a post-pandemic world with heightened supply chain complexities, parts shortages exacerbate AOG-related challenges, amplifying potential losses for OEMs, airlines, and service providers. With the supply chain likely years from a full recovery, extended lead times for aircraft parts further underscore these time-sensitive, cost-critical issues. 

Customer Dissatisfaction and Reputational Risks

AOG events, leading to delays or cancellations, fuel customer dissatisfaction and threaten airlines’ reputations and revenues. Poor AOG management can escalate reputational risks into strategic crises. Particularly in our information-driven era, the fallout from a single mishandled AOG event can rapidly intensify, spreading reputational damage like wildfire.

Expedited Transportation Provides Smart Shippers with Relief Against AOG

Expedited transportation offers relief against AOG’s high costs and operational challenges. This section further explores how.

Expedited Trucking Services: An Integral Component of AOG Logistics

Expedited trucking specializes in rapid deliveries, a vital need in AOG scenarios. These services employ teams of drivers, ensuring the truck is constantly on the move, delivering essential parts without unnecessary stops. From small items to large components, expedited trucking handles a variety of freight while minimizing downtime and costs.

Advantages of Expedited Transportation in AOG/MRO

Expedited transportation presents a powerful strategy in AOG/MRO operations, significantly reducing costs by quickly delivering replacement parts. With the global aircraft MRO market projected to reach $130 billion by 2031, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of expedited transportation, like proactive tracking and secure solutions, become critical. Simplified coordination through a local AOG Desk further underlines this advantage, especially for defense customers.  

Leveraging Technology for Timely Deliveries

Advanced technology strengthens AOG operations by ensuring swift and accurate deliveries and boosting efficiency and optimization. Below are some of those technologies:

Real-Time Tracking and Visibility Solutions

Real-time tracking and visibility tools revolutionize AOG management by offering continuous shipment monitoring, enabling proactive decision-making to avert potential delays. A component of Aerospace & Defense 4.0 technology, these tools significantly curtail costs by monitoring asset conditions and preempting system failures, fostering efficient, cost-effective operations.

Predictive Analytics for Proactive Planning

Predictive analytics plays a pivotal role in AOG management by transforming past data into actionable insights and proactively identifying potential aircraft glitches. This data-driven approach boosts operational efficiency, with predictive maintenance offering immediate solutions to forecasted failures. This methodology enables swift, decisive MRO responses, effectively reducing costs and delays while augmenting airlines’ AOG management capabilities.

Collaborative Platforms for Efficient Communication

In AOG scenarios, collaborative platforms are pivotal, serving as virtual hubs for seamless communication and swift, coordinated responses. These systems enhance workflows, promote innovation, and facilitate effective remote work and project management. By enabling real-time collaboration across departments, they accelerate problem-solving, thus decreasing downtime and related costs.

Benefits of Timely Deliveries in AOG/MRO

Timely deliveries in AOG/MRO operations offer benefits beyond simple speed, such as the following:

  • Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency: Prompt action in AOG situations curtails downtime and related expenses. As Deloitte highlights, when MRO organizations leverage new technology, lean strategies, Six Sigma principles, and constraint theories, they can shrink inventory levels, improve turnaround times, and reduce costs potentially by 8-15%.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Timely deliveries exceed customer demands and build enduring loyalty. Customizing solutions to match unique client needs amplifies the value offered, promoting a more comprehensive use of services. Crucially, this approach helps foster and sustain hard-earned client trust.
  • Enhanced Reputation and Market Standing: Rapid and dependable deliveries are vital to strengthening a company’s reputation and standing in the rapidly expanding aviation MRO market—anticipated to hit $130 billion by 2031. The pivotal role of punctual deliveries in securing a competitive edge is undeniable. 

Wrapping Up: The Power of Timely Deliveries in AOG/MRO Operations

Speedy deliveries are pivotal in the high-stakes realm of AOG/MRO operations. They fuel cost-efficiency, elevate operational performance, boost customer satisfaction, and solidify market position. Furthermore, leveraging cutting-edge technology helps shippers enhance both the speed and reliability of deliveries, enabling them to tackle AOG challenges.

As an industry leader, Carrier 911 offers real-time shipment tracking through its partnership with Turvo. It eliminates the need for constant tracking while showcasing a commitment to proactive communication. Moreover, their specialized services, offering 24/7 visibility and expertise, seamlessly manage each phase from service request to final delivery, emphasizing their customer-centric approach and urgency.

Take the next step in transforming your AOG/MRO operations. Experience the difference with a demo from Carrier 911 today.

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