You Need Carrier 911

February 24, 2022
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Need expedited trucking coverage from every airline/CFS/shipper to anywhere in North America?

Need the ultimate in visibility and tracking?

Space on airlines is tight and it’s tough to get lift capacity.

What if you have a line down situation?

You need Carrier 911.

Here are some moves we have done this month that have alleviated those pain points:

  • A customer needed cargo delivered from Denver to Kitimat, British Columbia. Not a frequent flyer destination, right? There are ZERO flights to Kitimat available out ofDenver, but the cargo was urgently needed. It had to get there come hell or high water.We had a truck available in 10 minutes and delivered the four pallets freight 1,964 miles away in 48 hours. The customer had full tracking visibility from pick up to delivery with the driver’s location being pinged every 30 seconds with the Turvo driver app.
  • An automotive supplier in Charleston, South Carolina had an airfreight shipment arrive via JFK. In between the time it was offloaded at the airline to the cargo being made available for pickup it became super-HOT. Assembly line going down HOT. We knew every minute counted. Carrier 911 was able to successfully route a driver in for pickup 0f 18 pallets at JFK at 11:58 AM on Tuesday and expedite delivery to Charleston for delivery the next morning at 7AM—preventing the line from going down. With the Turvo driver app the material planners were able to see the driver’s exact location from pick up until delivery. You’ll never have cargo black holes with Carrier 911.

For long haul airfreight pickups and other expedited point-to-point moves, call Carrier 911. For more information on the equipment we have available, click here. If you have a freight emergency, we have you covered.

Get in touch with our experts by clicking here.

Carrier 911 is powered by Port X Logistics

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