The Benefits of Outsourcing Airfreight Trucking and Recovery Services

January 10, 2024

Stormy times can be an excellent opportunity for companies to work on their resolve, as they are forced to adapt to disruptions to discover what they are made of during less-than-ideal circumstances. But don’t discount easier times as presenting a learning experience as well. With air cargo rates falling throughout most of 2022, shippers seek to take advantage of the current relatively calm landscape to prepare for the next crisis. After an up-and-down ride in recent years, shippers are working on building resilience and bolstering operations to get ready for whatever is next thrown their way.

Despite the longer transit times, the end of 2022 saw more companies turning to the ocean for shipping cargo. As airfreight companies wait to see how the rest of 2023 unfolds, they must be ready for any surge or drop in business. Part of that strategy should involve partnering with airfreight trucking and recovery companies to provide on-time deliveries and boost customer satisfaction. This article explains airfreight trucking and recovery and how shippers benefit.

What is Airfreight Trucking and Recovery?

Airfreight trucking can involve moving goods by truck between airports, from the origin location to the airport, or from the airport to its destination. This type of transportation usually involves time-sensitive goods. Airfreight trucking and recovery involves expedited delivery if a delay has put the shipment behind schedule.

Let’s say an airline moves time-sensitive medical supplies from Minneapolis to Denver when a sudden thunderstorm develops over the Great Plains, forcing the plane to fly around the disturbance. It arrives an hour late, and then there is congestion at the Denver airport, adding that the supplies now need to be delivered an hour earlier than initially anticipated. In this case, an airfreight trucking and recovery service is contacted, informed of the dire situation, and goes to work. It heads to the airport to recover the supplies, knowing all procedures and the best carriers and routes to deliver the shipment on time while communicating to provide constant updates to deliver the load despite those lengthy delays successfully.

Aircraft on ground (AOG) is often the cause of why airfreight trucking recovery is needed. AOG can occur if an aircraft needs immediate service and cannot fly. If an AOG requires repair, maintenance, or overhaul, money is wasted as it sits idly — often with time-sensitive cargo inside. AOG is a situation where Carrier 911 steps in. With an unpredictable AOG logistics situation, airfreight trucking recovery ensures shippers still get their goods from Point A to B on time. AOG may happen anywhere, anytime, so shippers need nationwide access to recover the cargo from the airline and deliver it to the proper place.

3 Ways Shippers Bolster Operations With Airfreight Trucking and Recovery Services

Shippers can utilize a cloud-enabled recovery platform to bolster operations and receive nationwide capacity access. In addition, recovery services offer flexibility, faster delivery times, and improved reliability along the supply chain and are often a cost-effective way to transport cargo over shorter distances. Here are some ways that airfreight trucking recovery improves a company’s bottom line.

Lower Airfreight Trucking Overheads Mean Higher ROI

Bringing in airfreight recovery experts means businesses no longer need to worry about training their employees to achieve such expertise, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Companies may also require less of a fleet and now have access to nationwide capacity by using recovery services. This helps lower transportation costs, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of losses or damages, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Streamlined Document Management Ensures Successful Airfreight Recovery

When every second counts in freight recovery, there can’t be needless time spent ensuring documentation is in order. Recovery experts have all paperwork completed and ensure all legal requirements and regulations are met, allowing the shipment to be released as quickly as possible. They can also share all documents with shareholders.

Expert Equipped Airfreight Trucking Services Get the Job Done Right

By trusting freight recovery professionals, shippers rest easy knowing that the best in the business is handling their shipment. By streamlining document management and lowering overhead, companies benefit from the speed and expertise that an airfreight trucking business provides. They also know that cargo will be handled safely, all regulations will be complied with, and route optimization will be maximized as the experts know exactly where to go in the quickest way possible. Stakeholders also will receive real-time updates on the shipment status. It’s always good to have a backup plan if airfreight encounters a delay. It’s always a sound strategy to turn to experts to deliver on time and meet customer expectations despite sudden disruptions,

The Good Times Won’t Last Forever. To Prepare for the Inevitable, turn to Airfreight Trucking Through Carrier 911

In the logistics industry, the next chaotic event could be just around the corner. With so many variables at play, companies must have a plan for dealing with any incoming calamities. Carrier 911 pairs expert airfreight trucking capacity with Turvo’s unparalleled visibility to safeguard your shipment if the unexpected has derailed your hopes of a flawless delivery. Carrier 911 prioritizes urgency from when you contact it to get your shipment to its proper destination on time. Contact Carrier 911 to see how it can help save the day when time is ticking.

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