Expedited, Time-Critical Airfreight Recovery: Why Your 3PL Should Take the Heat

December 15, 2022
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You chose airfreight because you need the cargo fast. A customer order needs to be filled on time, or a production line is facing expensive downtime; either way, you need it now. An airfreight emergency is disruptive and can leave you wondering what to plan around.


Your 3PL is great at traditional freight moves but unlikely to be equipped to handle an airfreight emergency. Still, they have to make it right, and an airfreight recovery specialist gets the job done.


Got An Airfreight Emergency? Why Airfreight Recovery Specialists Exist

Specialists exist in almost every discipline because there will always be situations that require unique solutions. Your family doctor is there to assist you with everyday health challenges, but in the case of a life-threatening condition, you’ll turn to a specialist. Time-sensitive freight that is delayed or lost is no different; it’s a critical situation that requires a specialist.


An airfreight crisis might happen at any time, although it always feels like it’s the absolute worst time. Airfreight recovery companies specialize in transporting expedited cargo from the airport or container freight station to ensure it reaches the destination as quickly as possible.


Airfreight expediters also come into the picture in cases where a crisis hasn’t happened but expediting time-critical freight delivery is necessary.


Situations that require immediate airfreight recovery and delivery could be a production line down, an aircraft grounded, or food items that could spoil. Anytime revenue is threatened by late delivery, an airfreight recovery company is the specialist required.

Look for the Tools and Experience To Get the Job Done

If you visited a medical specialist, you’d want to know they have the tools and experience to perform a crucial operation. The same goes for your airfreight emergency specialist, and they need to offer you the following:


A Real-Word Scenario of Taking the Heat

A great real-world example happened when a new shipper came to Carrier 911 and gave them seven loads on a Friday afternoon, and six had to be recovered from Las Vegas and LAX over the weekend.


Saturday pickups at LAX for two different loads with two different truckers were in jeopardy when no one was present who knew anything about the air waybills. Because of this, five hours were spent dealing with the customer’s ground-handling agent (GHA). The agents continued to state that they had no clue where to find the freight.


On a whim, the trucker walked into the airline’s building, locating the cargo in the process. Despite not working with them for three years, the airline maintained an outdated website identifying their GHAs at LAX. There was much to overcome between misinformation and GHAs needing to make updates, perform research, and work on behalf of the customer.


Knowing the nuances of individual GHAs and a willingness to work with them is crucial to finding and moving freight that might otherwise end up held an additional 24-48 hours. An airfreight recovery company must specialize in working with GHAs to get cargo the final mile.


Carrier 911 had dedicated over five hours to finding the freight by calling, researching, and sending drivers to different locations. The company recovered the cargo and delivered it on schedule, preventing customer disruption.

For Immediate Airfreight Recovery, You Need a Trusted Partner

Expedited airfreight recovery becomes an essential last-mile service when time isn’t on your side. An airfreight recovery specialist steps in to remedy what a 3PL cannot, responding immediately and saving precious time.


Carrier 911 specializes in recovering and expediting airfreight when experience counts and time matters. Our crisis management experts are available 24/7 to handle emergencies, take the heat off you, and get your shipment where it needs to be and on time.


Contact Carrier 911 today for a discovery call that will prepare you to outshine the competition using our solutions.

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