How Airfreight Trucking for Forwarders Helps Improve Shipper’s and Customers’ Efficiency

June 23, 2022
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Amidst an extended season of volatility, supply chain professionals have had to make crucial decisions at a moment’s notice. Port disruptions, market fluctuations, traffic delays, and unforeseen consumer demand shifts can drastically change a load’s direction and a person’s perspective on the day. While it can be very easy to react to sudden changes, airfreight forwarders must know how to quickly and intentionally respond to unexpected changes that impact their lead time to get their freight moving.

Forward Airfreight Trucking: How Air and Land Connect in the Supply Chain

While air, rail, and ocean dominate the freight industry regarding long-distance transport, all three primary transportation methods rely on trucking services to get items to their destination. Shippers might even require trucking services at a load’s start. For instance, transporting raw material travels via truck to a manufacturing plant before being trucked off to the train station or airport to export outside the country. When choosing to forward airfreight trucking to a third party, location and tech matter most as the two components provide forwarders with the final mile customization required to keep freight moving on an expedited timeline. 

Understanding the Driving Forces Behind Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

While experience in sales might draw in customers, retention requires more than sales tactics. When retailers and shipping companies choose airfreight, they expect more than just getting their freight from Point A to Point B. Some of the driving forces behind providing consistently positive customer experience include:

  • Customization Options – By providing different packages, freight forwarders give their customers more control of their freight from the first quote.
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping – Airfreight forwarders often choose to forward airfreight trucking to further ensure their clients work with experienced professionals. 
  • Push Notifications – Great communication is often the difference between a positive and negative experience. Push notifications get communication flowing to the customer automatically. 
  • On-demand Monitoring – By providing on-demand freight monitoring, freight forwarders can relieve their personal realm of responsibilities without compromising on communication with customers. 
  • Quality Customer-facing Representation – Because the airfreight pickup provider is often the final mile customer-facing representative of the airfreight forwarder, some might choose to forward airfreight trucking to find the best professional service for their team.

How Using LTL and Trucking Service Options Improves AirFreight Pickups

Allied Market Research found that “Although airfreight accounts for approximately 1% of the total freight activities by weight, and it is quite expensive to ship products via aircraft, it is quite a valuable mode to transport jewelry, perishable items, pharmaceuticals, costly electronic items, and others.” Given the small, lightweight nature of most items transported via airfreight, airfreight forwarders don’t often need an FT truck waiting at the terminal for the shipment. By deciding to forward airfreight trucking to LTL and cargo van providers, airfreight forwarders can expand their available capacity through various options and partners for air cargo trucking. By opting to forward airfreight trucking to an LTL or smaller trucking service, airfreight forwarders can also cut operating costs and lower emissions. In short, this is a cost-effective, eco-friendly airfreight road transport option. 

Keep Shippers and Carriers On the Go and Maintain High Levels of Customer Satisfaction With the Right Forwarding Services

This extended time of transportation and logistics disruption has left many professionals running on fumes. Without the right tech and team, it can be very challenging for airfreight forwarders to maintain a consistent customer experience that drives retention and satisfaction. If you’re a forwarder considering solutions to airfreight pickup and shipping, look no further. Carrier911 is ready for all your emerging air cargo needs with services that can please even the most demanding customers. Request a demo today to learn more.

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