Why Freight Forwarders Need Visibility in Cargo Pickup

March 29, 2022
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Freight visibility is a term that gets thrown around a lot regarding transportation and forwarding service. With all the disruption and upheaval that the market and industry as a whole have endured over the past few years, the demand for faster and more reliable shipping modes has only intensified. As a result, more freight forwarders are looking for air shipment services to meet these rising demands and constraints. 

As explained by Transportation Topics,Freight visibility isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s a business requirement. The way the market views freight visibility has evolved significantly over the past few years. Previously, simple track-and-trace methods were seen as an adequate method of gaining supply chain insight. This is no longer the case.” At the heart of this innovative forwarding option, air ocean cargo logistics tracking and logistical monitoring remain essential for smooth cargo pickup management and planning.

Common Challenges Deriving From Poor Freight Forwarder Visibility

Poor visibility within the freight forwarding niche market can cause a host of problems for forwarders, carriers, and customers alike. Improved air ocean cargo logistics tracking services can address common challenges with poor freight forwarding visibility and tech such as:

  • Slow communications and response times to issues that arise. 
  • Miscommunications and outdated information are being exchanged.
  • Access to data and updates is delayed or tied up.
  • Tracking and monitoring issues cause delays leading to lost cargo.
  • Long loading and unloading times can lead to additional fees.
  • Increased expenses for customers to cover fees and surcharges.
  • Overall lack of transparency and collaboration within the network. 

Freight visibility and improved methods of tracking and monitoring can help reduce these types of issues and make overcoming freight forwarding challenges much simpler and easier.

Increased Visibility Reduces Confusion Over Pickups

When it comes to freight visibility, one of the biggest obstacles facing air ocean cargo shipments is confusion over pickups. Due to the nature of the modern supply chain network and how forwarding services have always been handled in the past, airports have little vested interest in tracking shipments. Once the cargo has been unloaded, the airports have no real reason to continue monitoring where it goes, who picks it up, where it is stored, and when it heads off on the next leg of its journey. The resulting confusion among customers and forwarders alike can create even more issues within the system. Cargo pick-up processes, shipping logistics, and tracking visibility are critical aspects of modern freight forewarning that need to be enhanced to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. 

How to Improve Freight Forwarding Visibility in Air Ocean Cargo Logistics Visibility

Air ocean cargo logistics tracking relies on improved freight forwarding visibility. Having the right partner to work with from start to finish is the key to achieving success. Improving visibility to boost airfreight capacity and performance requires the following things:

  • Know the real-time status of all cargo shipments and drivers.
  • Have automated alerts and push notifications to keep everyone on track.
  • Speak to an expedited freight expert whenever needed.
  • Embrace automated systems and platforms to improve routine procedures.
  • Enable quick yet thorough onboarding of new systems and processes.
  • Maintain open lines of communication for on-demand reporting.
  • Keep designated access to customer service available for urgent matters.
  • Source data and market trend information from collaborative platforms.

Air ocean cargo logistics tracking relies on updated processes to maintain adequate freight visibility throughout the forwarding process. Having the right freight management partner on hand can make a world of difference.

Improve Freight Visibility and Air Cargo Pickup With Carrier911

When it comes to managing air ocean cargo logistics tracking, freight visibility remains a critical factor that freight forwarders must consider carefully. Improving visibility across the network makes it easier for freight forwarders to offer the services that their customers come to expect. You need Carrier 911 and the tools and resources that are available. Partnering with industry leaders can allow for a more streamlined process from start to finish and improve cargo pickup for air ocean shipments. Contact Carrier911 today to learn more about how improving freight visibility can have a positive ripple effect throughout the supply chain. Find out what steps you can take today to improve air ocean cargo logistics tracking.

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