Freight Pickup and Delivery Service: Why Location and Tech Matter Most

May 19, 2022
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Despite the supply chain talent drought worldwide, available labor is just the start to filling in manual and logistical needs. The supply chain was already undergoing a massive renovation with the e-commerce boom when the pandemic began, exploding the need for manufacturers to have an ally in logistics. Globe News Wire adds that, “Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Third Party Logistics (3PL) estimated at US$838.9 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$1.3 Trillion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8% over the analysis period.” Among logistic needs, air freight pickup and delivery service continue to be an area that requires the touch of an expert.

The Costs of Poor Visibility in Freight Pickup and Delivery

Manufacturers understand that their supply chain success is almost completely reliant on strategic, successful transportation. An amazing product loses value quickly if it never makes it to the customer on top, or at all. With air capacity still at record low rates, manufacturers must address their air freight needs with creativity and the right logistic partners. 

Freight forwarders need visibility in order to help manufacturers avoid dry run fees. Carriers charge a dry run fee on the shipper or manufacturer when a pickup is not ready or otherwise unable to be completed at the scheduled time. Some have turned to cross-docking to minimize this freight pickup and delivery service mishap, which is defined as the exchanging of products from truck to truck at a central location to get trucks immediately on the road to their separate destinations. Regardless of strategy, manufacturers must stay on top of visibility needs in order to prevent the revenue loss of disappointed customers, or disgruntled delayed carriers. 

Shipping Consideration- Location, Location, Location

Manufacturers must stay strategic when they consider the transportation options available to them. What is the current local supply chain climate? For example, manufacturers near the Silicone Valley likely predominantly choose cargo ships for their transportation. However, massive delays throughout 2021 at the twin Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles caused a major disruption that pushed some to consider air freight for the first time.

In general, manufacturers get the best experience with freight pickup and delivery service when they consider the impacts that location has on scheduling, transportation mode, logistic planning, and disruption potential such as was experienced in Southern California. 

Shipping Consideration- Technology and Innovations 

Prime freight pickup and delivery service utilize current technology to improve the logistic experience. GPS capabilities through technology such as the Turvo Driving App give manufacturers, shippers, and forwarders the information they need to successfully coordinate and complete air freight pickup and shipping

As modern consumer expectations and market trends continue to focus on a transparent shipping experience, customers are expecting this in the business world. By leveraging supply chain technology such as TMS integrations, accurate forecasting, and instant tracking notifications, expert freight pickup and delivery service providers provide a positive customer-facing experience on behalf of the freight manufacturer. 

How to Improve Air Pickup and Deliveries With the Right Tech.

Although airplanes tend to have tighter schedules than over-the-road freight transportation, there are many elements to a flight schedule that can change at the drop of a pin. However, with the right technology and understanding, manufacturers can be equipped with the ultimate guide to air cargo trucking and recovery. Recovery is used in this context to express the difficulties navigating freight pickup in various new airports. A manufacturer’s sustainability plan can be slowly but steadily jeopardized by lost carriers ill-equipped to accomplish freight pickup and delivery service in a new location. The right tech is a critical component of effective air freight service collaboration.

Partner With Carrier 911 to Discover the Benefits of Expert Air Freight Pickup and Delivery Services

Manufacturers know the damage that can be done to a client relationship in a turbulent global supply chain. Customers who have been burned are more likely to abandon loyalty and diversify their procurement methods than ever before. Utilizing expedited trucking companies for freight pickup and delivery service can promote customer satisfaction and retention, and keep manufacturers at the forefront of sourcing options. To learn more of the benefits of this type of partnership, contact Carrier 911 to schedule a discovery call today.

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