The Benefits of Automation in Air Cargo Trucking and Recovery

March 7, 2023
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There isn’t a moment to lose in the dynamic world of airfreight trucking and recovery. Any inefficiencies spell trouble, resulting in delays that mean missed deadlines and disgruntled customers. Speeding up the process is more vital than ever as recent years have seen falling demands and rates — although air cargo is not seeing the same type of plummeting volumes as ocean freight compared to pandemic highs. International Air Transport Association expects air cargo revenues to decline 26 percent to $149 billion in 2023, down from $200 billion in 2022, but will remain “about 50 percent higher than the pre-pandemic level of 2019,” said Andrew Matters, IATA’s head of policy analysis. 


The up-and-down demand leaves stakeholders searching for ways to improve efficiency and implement new strategies to bolster processes to quickly meet all disruptions head-on before there are undue consequences to budgets and reputations. Companies are meeting these challenges by turning to automation and innovation to save time and resources while improving the bottom line. Expedited airfreight trucking and recovery companies are implementing tasks such as automating document management, demand forecasting, and check calls to spend less time on outdated manual processes and more energy on streamlining operations. This article discusses technology’s role in helping find inefficiencies and integrating unprecedented innovation in the increasingly high-stakes airfreight carrier marketplace.

Technology in Airfreight trucking

Technology such as transportation management systems (TMS) is helping companies say goodbye to outdated, inefficient processes and turn to automated processes that save time and money. Automation can be a company’s best friend in the airfreight trucking and recovery business, as it is behind considerable technologies fueling such rapid and remarkable change. Real-time tracking and tracing help stakeholders track the progress of shipments and instantly find any disruptions that need their attention. Technology allows companies to communicate better while helping increase the safety and security of each shipment — which is necessary with customers’ rising expectations.

“Everyone is demanding more of logistics providers, especially with regard to the speed and frequency of deliveries,” said Amanda King, VP & General Manager of Connectivity Hardware at Honeywell Connected Enterprise. “As a result, air cargo companies are expected to deliver packages faster — and with more accuracy — while keeping costs to a new competitive low.” To do this, Carrier 911 partners with Turvo to unite all parties and systems in streamlining air cargo recovery processes.

Automated Analytics and Forecasting Provide Actionable Insights into Airfreight Trucking

Deciphering raw data can be challenging, leading to mistakes. Automated analytics provides logistics professionals with the benefits of big data without the overheads. A higher level of data analytics helps companies study past results to identify patterns and optimize operations. Improved efficiency in inspecting advanced analytics makes companies agile and adaptive, enabling risk mitigation. Innovative software using advanced algorithms and machine learning optimizes routes, predicts demand, and manages capacity planning for cost-effective, speedier, and more reliable delivery results. Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics help companies handle disruptions and prioritize freight, ensuring timely delivery.

Automation Helps Correct Airfreight Documentation Inefficiencies that Cost Valuable Time

Detailed, accurate documentation is critical for time-sensitive airfreight trucking. Automation replaces paper-based documents, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and information sharing while reducing the risk of lost or misplaced paperwork. Streamlined documentation processes improve efficiency throughout the supply chain, saving time and costs. Automation improves accuracy and allows information sharing across platforms in a user-friendly way. Important documents such as commercial invoices, certificates of origin, bills of lading, packing lists, and inspection certifications must be ready for expedited airfreight recovery services to ensure quick shipment turnover while complying with all regulations. Automation saves time and expense, allowing logistics professionals to focus on essential tasks and ensure timely deliveries.

Skip Manual Check Calls with Airfreight Trucking Automation

Incorporating a collaborative TMS helps companies streamline airfreight trucking by eliminating inefficient manual check call processes. A robust TMS is especially critical for expedited freight as it reduces time-consuming and tedious processes, allowing for quick recovery of goods. A collaborative TMS ensures all parties are on the same page, enabling stakeholders to respond quickly to disruptions like weather delays or traffic congestion. Working together, parties can study analytics, identify trends and patterns, and make data-driven decisions like capacity optimization. Collaboration facilitates communication across the supply chain, reducing errors and inefficient, antiquated processes like manual check calls, which can be a company’s worst enemy when time is of the essence.

With Automation in Airfreight Trucking Through Carrier 911, Logistics Professionals Have Access to Unprecedented Innovation

Game-changing technology is here in airfreight shipping. Companies should consider implementing as much automation as feasible to stay ahead of the competition and operate at peak efficiency. Carrier 911 partners with Turvo’s Integration Hub to utilize its national capacity to get your shipment where it needs to go on time, no matter the situation. Carrier 911’s experts are agile and adept at handling all types of emergencies, moving with extreme urgency to deliver expedited just-in-time freight recovery while providing complete visibility throughout the process. Contact Carrier 911 today to see how it can help your company grow and meet its needs in this ever-changing landscape.

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