What Tech Goes Into Better Expedited Airfreight Recovery?

June 9, 2022
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“We have reached cruising altitude; you may now unfasten your seatbelts.” This familiar passenger airline announcement provokes a sigh of relief from many travelers, allowing more freedom as they proceed toward their final destination. This bit of communication is similar to the visibility updates that freight professionals expect. In citing a late 2021 shipper survey, Talk Business reported that “real-time visibility was ranked higher than factors such as customer service, safety record, and geographical coverage.” Amidst continued backlogs, manufacturers seek the right airfreight tech to maintain visibility in cargo pickup and on the plane.

Why Expedited Airfreight Supports Continued Growth and Recovery

While the microchip and formula shortages have gained the most press, there have been countless subtle shifts in consumer purchasing options due to manufacturing delays and shipping backlogs. While expedited airfreight has its challenges, it has also gained popularity as the primary method for urgent orders and goods. Unhindered by the port challenges common to ocean transportation, airfreight tech advancements have made expedited shipping by air a fast and reliable service. However, airfreight tech is only as successful as those willing to trade outdated methods for innovative options that offer accurate tracking, fuel-efficient shipments, and superior customer service from airfreight pickup to delivery.

What Airfreight Technology Has the Greatest Impact on the Supply Chain?

As technology gurus continue to create more ways to refine and reform the supply chain, it can be hard to differentiate between different technologies and what they offer to daily operations. Outside of a freight visibility platform, some helpful airfreight tech categories include the following. 

Carbon-Conscious Tech

Consumer interest in sustainability is here to stay. As years have proven the damage that unhindered CO2 can have on the environment, innovative individuals and companies have presented carbon calculators, eco-friendly route optimization, and opportunities to purchase carbon credits to offset company emissions.

Autonomous Airfreight Transportation

Driverless cars, crewless planes, and drones are not as far away as one might think. As major players such as Amazon begin to invest in airfreight tech software and asset partnerships, manufacturers must pay close attention to current testing schedules to stay on top of the game and ready for the next evolution of transportation.

Cloud-based Document Management

Virtual document signing and transfer have been an incredible addition to the available airfreight tech. Digital documents can’t be blown away at an ornamental gate and are harder to lose in the shuffle of freight transfer. 

IATA Compliance

As transportation methods and tech evolve, how can safety remain a high priority amidst varying new ways to implement checks and balances? Due to the fast-paced nature of expedited airfreight, manufacturers need to choose partners who utilize modern methods to follow IATA recommendations. 

Tips to Improve Air Freight Recovery

While some manufacturers might expect that expedited airfreight alone can get a backorder shipment on track, others understand the high value of an expedited recovery team to continue a load’s forward motion. An excellent expedited airfreight recovery team should encompass the following:

  • An Extensive Network Reach for Maximized Capacity
  • Modern Freight Visibility Platform
  • Shareable Automated Data Tracking for Customers
  • Digital Document Management System
  • Drivers Proficient at Maneuvering Airport Complexities

Get the Technology and Innovation Needed to Maximize Airfreight Services Today With Carrier 911

While airfreight tech may be the solution to many expedited airfreight challenges, it is equally valid that the wrong tech partnership could cause a manufacturer to lose a client. Carrier 911 is a technologically advanced expedited trucking partner that understands the importance of getting an expedited item on the road as soon as it’s off the plane. Start a conversation with Carrier 911 today to learn how they can become your last call when any urgent airfreight need arises.

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